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Getting Off the Prednisolone Dragon
mike201 posted:
Hello All

I write from the land down under where RA is rife too although Kangaroos don't seem to have it. I have been diagnosed as 'severe' and am now on Enbrel, Prednisolone, Arava and a have access to a range of narcotic pain killers. I used to be a fitness freak but not any more. I have a question for both the expert doctor and all other readers.

After 400 days on Prednisolone (80 days at 40mg) the drug crabs you like a pair of dragon claws. Trying to get off it causes flares and provides a very rough ride, as most of you already know. I am now on my eighth attempt and am starting from 6mg per day, dropping 0.5mg per month. I want to get to zero. My research suggests that the only method of withdrawal is to taper the doses - as I am doing. This works for some. My question is: what other methods or substitute chemicals are available to successfully facilitate the withdrawal without the wild ride?

There appears to be no research in this area!!! In fact , much of the literature I have been reading suggests that 5mg of Prednisolone per day over 5-10 years can have horrendous health impacts.
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
I will sometimes try every other day prednisone to patients with tapering. It seems like you have come a long way on your taper. Sometimes the last few milligrams are the toughest. Don't give up.

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