DoubleD43 posted:
Hi everyone. I started using this medication by injection approximately six months ago. I stopped it because it made me sleep all the time and I was very fearful of my liver and what has been stated about the liver. Well my Rheumy will not treat me unless I take it. I am now on three pills a week will .400mcg. Folic Acid once a day. Today is my first day. I have noticed a decrease in appetite, and severe OCD and wanting everything organized. Not a cleaning thing, although I keep my house clean but it is making me hyper, and figity and a bit moody. Has anyone noticed these symptoms and did you have them the first day you started or over a period of time? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And just to introduce myself my screen name has absolutely nothing to do with my bra size, but my name lol. I want to help and discuss.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome to WebMD,

Hopefully others here will share their own experience with this medication.

I appreciate you explaining the screen name.
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singingbear responded:
DoubleD43, I am also very much concerned about liver complications. My father had Crohn's disease and suffered liver failure after many years of treatment with other medications. I chose, however, to start the methotrexate anyway. I know that my doctors will continue to monitor my liver function and will stop at any sign of problem. To me the choice between constant pain and worsening RA vs. quarterly blood test was a simple one. I realize that each person has their own views on this powerful drug and is entitled to their own opinions. It is disconcerting to know that we are faced with so many treatments that can potentially be worse then the RA.

So far I have only been on methotrexate for 2 weeks, starting with 3 pills, then 4 and from this Wednesday I will take 5. I take it on my first of two days off just in case. I have not had any noticable side effects with my first two doses and hope that I do not on 5 pills. I do take 1 mg of Folic acid everyday as well as 10 mg of prednisone, calcium and vit D. The prednisone is actually far more scary to me then the methotrexate. I was told that once I was on methotrex I could start tapering off my prednisone but have yet to be successful at that.

I have not experienced any hyper activity, however, I did feel so much better the week following my first dose that I got far more done then I had in a very long time. I was told that it could take up to six weeks for the methotrex to make any difference so I don't know if it was all just coincidence or if it was real. I did not feel the same way after the second dose.

I wish you luck and hope that these symptoms subside for you soon.