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Methotrexate / Blood pressure
singingbear posted:
Has anyone ever had problems with methotrexate effecting your blood pressure? Mine was up last time I saw my Rheumy (153/90). It was also the first visit after starting Methortexate. The day of my last dose (increased from 15 mg to 17.5) I had what felt like a blood pressure related headache that lasted many hours. I did not have access to a monitor to test this theory but my face was flushed and my head was pounding. I have not had a headache since that day. Before the Rheumy increased my dose I was having short mild headaches for several days after my weekly dose. At doses below 15 mg I had no problems with headaches. Just wondering if this is a problem with methotrexate anyone has experienced or if it is coincidence. I also take Prednisone which I read can increase blood pressure but this is my first high reading and have taken Pred from 10mg to 7.5mg. everyday for 3 mo.
rastable responded:
Everybody responds differently . I have taken methotrexate for 10 years and no blood pressure issues.
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
I have seen heachaches with MTX which may cause an increase in BP due to pain. I have not seen elevated blood pressures that I felt were related primarily to MTX. Nonethless, with any medication, there is always to potential to cause uncommon problems, so can't exclude a casuse and effect from MTX
singingbear replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
Thank you for your response. I will keep monitoring it closely.

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