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Getting Off Prednisolone
mike201 posted:
Hi Everyone. I have been taking Prednisolone for 18 months now with a dose range from 40 mg to 4.5mg per day. I have tried ten times to slowly get off the drug but when I get close to 5 mg things seem to go wild with flares and pain. I am currently on 10 mg along with other drugs like Arava and Enbrel. Does anyone know:

1- how to replace Prednisolone with a substitute less harmful drug?

2 - how to break the 4.5 mg barrier

Prednisolone and its friend Prednisone is an awful drug with very nasty long term side effects. Thanks, Mike
SureHope responded:
Hey Mike I just found this...still looking but hopefully this helps...

SureHope responded:
Also found these:Non-traditional methods type links

This is about Prednisone more so than Prednisolone but since they're pretty similar:
xperky responded:
Hi Mike. It sure is a difficult thing to do. I was on prednisone for a year and had to keep bumping it up every time I took it down.

I finally went to an endocrinologist. He checked my body to determine if I was still producing my own version of prednisone (cortisol?). That's important. Then he gave me instructions to reduce by small amounts every week or two. Towards the end of the taper I stayed at low levels for up to a month to let my body adjust.

I must admit, the pain came back. But, I knew I needed to deal with it as best I could for my future. At least I was better than when I went on the prednisone.

Good luck to you. I hope some of the suggested herbal approaches help with your taper. Let us know! I'm sure there are many people here who will have to taper off steroids sooner or later, and any info could be helpful.
mike201 replied to SureHope's response:
Thanks SureHope. A very useful article. Mike
mike201 replied to SureHope's response:
Yes, the issue is how does one raise this with a traditional rheumatologist? I see him in two days so with raise it and see what the reaction is. Many thanks, Mike
mike201 replied to xperky's response:
Thanks Xperky. I note your comment about monthly steps being useful. I will try this as I just have to get off this horrible drug. Thanks, Mike

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