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Response needed please
Gaskin123 posted:
My mother has been taking methotrexate for a while now. Five pills on Sunday for RA. We have recently had to hospitalize her and found out her white blood cells are severly low. The drs are saying from the med and now giving her neuprogen. Has anyone else heard of severe decrease in white blood cells from taking methotrexate????
singingbear responded:
Maybe this link will help. Yes, low blood count is a possible side effect of methotrexate. A friend of mine was recently changed to a new medication because of a low white count. That is one of the things that my doctor has said he will periodically test for as well as liver function. Hope your mother is well on her way to recovery!
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
A low white count is a possible complication of MTX and as a result, the blood is generally monitored every 6-12 weeks. Taking daily folic acid may help. If needed, weekly folinic acid taken 8-12 hours after MTX as well as avoiding the drug during infection and with medications that might increase the levels of MTX may help prevent this problem.