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Benjijross36 posted:
Hi there i am a 35yr man that was told from my doctor i have RA my fingers stiffing all the time it dont matter what time of day. I told my doctor couple weeks ago my shoulder is popping in and out and it was hard for me to put weight on my feet because both of my knees and hips hurt. So she order a x-ray and it said nothing was wrong no arthritis in any of it. But the doctor i had before this one did a MRI on my lower back and hips and said there is arthritis in them but no doctor can tell me why my lower back is black and blue if anyone could tell me what they think i would like that thanks Ben
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
I will refer my patients who complain of their shoulder popping in and out to an ortho doctor even if the xrays are normal.
Benjijross36 replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
they had sent me to a ortho doctor and he said the same thing about the xray he sent me to thearopy and that didn't work.Now the Ra has gotting worse my new doctor said my ra caught is 265 from blood work and he says it really high and he been trying to get me i to a ra doctor but they are not taking my medicaid i am afraid if nothing done i wont be able to walk anymore now its all the way down my spain from neck to my back and hips and knees ankles to toes. What should i do
xperky replied to Benjijross36's response:
Hi Benjijross36. Have you looked at what your state has to offer for healthcare, besides medicaid? There might be some clinics willing to treat RA. Perhaps a nearby medical college would be willing to take on your treatments. I know you don't feel good, but please take a few minutes every week day to make some calls looking for treatment. Sorry you are in this situation.