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lower back pain and RA - wrong diagnosis?
An_246348 posted:
Hi all,
I am new to this so please bare with me. I have been diagnosed with RA a little less than a year ago. I did or do not have the "textbook" symptoms. Mainly I had bad lower back pain with sciatica, etc. I have had low grade fevers for years and no one could tell me why. I always explained to the docs that I went to that I felt "flu-like". Years go by and still no diganosis other than issues with my lower back. I am currently wearing a brace for spondylolysis, which is a fancy name for a stress fracture. My Rheumatologist says he does not feel that my back problems are due to RA. Do others have experiences with RA diagnosis and lower back problems. Anybody have low grade fevers and flu-like symptoms? Are there any other conditions that could trigger a positive RA test? I am looking for some advise as I am not quite sure that I was diagnosed correctly.. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank u in advance to all of you living with this. I am sure I will be on this alot.
xperky responded:
Hello. Isn't Spondylosis an auto-immune disease as well? From what I've been reading, it is a sort of inflammatory arthritis of the spine. I've also noticed that sometimes similar medicines are used to treat Ankylosing Spondylitis as RA. Have you had the hla-b27 gene test run? I ask because I'm doing research for myself about this disease.

I wonder if you have a combination of auto-immune diseases. Sometimes people have a few together. These things take time, don't they? It's so difficult to wait for clear results, while our bodies are telling us something is wrong.

I hope you get feeling better soon.
xperky replied to xperky's response:
Oh wait, I mispoke! There is a difference between Spondylosis and Ankylosing Spondylitis.
KayJaySue responded:
I injured my back in a fall 3 years ago and when I finally had spinal fusion between L5 and S1, the neurosurgeon found great evidence of arthritis and advised me to see a rheumatoid arthritis doctor. Unfortunately I waited over a year until the burning pain in my hands and feet became unbearable. I have since had a discotomy (bulging disk surgery) last fall and the RA seems to have gone wild. I did not test positive for RA, rather my blood tests revealed very high anti CCP, high inflamatory, and a few others out of whack. Looking back over the past 7 years, I have dealt with extreme random episodes of fatigue, low grade fevers, flu-like symptoms, low back pain, intense bouts of 'burning' in hands, feet, and other joints, and other back issues. Become your own best advocate and search out information about RA. Then go to your doctor and take charge of your health! Good luck!
metspats replied to xperky's response:
Thanks so much for your response. I have to ask about that Ankloysing Spondylitis as it would definately explain the lumbar spine issues I am having. I learned that some doctors do not like them second guessing them, but have learned that you need to trust your doc or find a new one. Hope all goes wee. Let me know what you find out.

Hope you feel better as well!
metspats replied to KayJaySue's response:
Hi KayJaySue,
In doin my research on RA I read that a lot of times the RA factor will not come up even if you do have it. Did they test you for Lupus? They just added that to my blood work list - LOL! Hang in! Back pain s%^s. Having the horrific fatigue does not help. You are right - we certainly have to be our own acdvocates which is really sad. I learned more about my conditions online by myself than the doctors explaining things to me. Anyway, hang in, I know it's tough.
Trishk913 responded:
Daily low grade fever & chills & flu-like symptoms are definitely all symptoms of both Lupus & RA. I was officially diagnosed with Lupus, 21 years ago & with RA, 13 years ago. The flu-like symptoms actually landed me in the hospital for over a week after my second child was born, 38 years ago. They ran every test imaginable but never found out what was wrong with me. Back then, no one knew much about rheumatic diseases. No matter what doctors believe, I think everything can be RA-related. Now I too, have lower back pain and lots of GI problems. Please stay positive, be grateful for all the wonderful people and things in life, and most importantly, try to live in the Now! xo

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