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Stopping and restarting Actemera?
An_246664 posted:
I was taking actemera for about a year and a half and I absolutely loved it, my arthritis was better than ever. About three months ago I had to stop the infusions because of an infection in my gums, I will be having oral surgery soon, so should be able to get back on the drug once I am cleared of infection. However I am planning to try and get pregnant in about 9 months, so I would get off of the acetemera again for that. I have heard that when taking a hiatus from meds like this you run the risk of the medicine not working or not working as well once you go back on it.... is this true???? Should I wait until after the possible future pregnancy to get back on acetemera, or is it okay to take two hiatuses from this medicine within one year?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
Yes, you are correct that it is possible althought not common that after stopping and then resuming an RA drug after a prolonged time may subject you to the possibility that you will not recapture the same benefit. In addition,with some medications such as Remicade, there is also a higher risk of infusion reactions after a period of time of discontinuation as antibodies develop.Remicade is made from mouse protein so it is a foreign proteinto the body. I don't know if there is a higher chance of reactions or risk of decreased efficacy with Actemra re starts as I have just started using it in my patients. I would talk with your doctor to see what he feels is best for you in terms of timing of your pregnancy and medications.I do not know if stopping twice is any more likely to have an effect on efficacy than stopping once. Glad Actemra has helped! A recent study showed it was more effective than Humira when each drug was given by itself.

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