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Gout Diet
mknacke posted:
Thanks in advance for any help. My husband has just recently been diagnosed with gout even tho he has had symptoms for months now. He started the allopurinol yesterday. The dr told him a lower purine diet would help also. This diet is really restricted! We are meat-eaters here in Texas! We are willing to try, tho. One question we would like answered is: At a Chinese buffet, what is low in purine? Could he eat the broccoli beef or chicken and just get very little of the meats? How about frog legs? He loves them but read somewhere about avoiding white meats. Just not sure where frog legs fit in. Right now we are overwhelmed and looking for answers. Seems like every article we read online is different. Would you recommend a good book or website for this diet? Thanks again!
Diesel203 responded:
I'm in the same boat as your husband. I was diagnosed with gout last week. I've never had it explained properly to me why it cant be cured. I have a friend who told me that alcohol is off limits which sucks for me. I'm not an alcoholic but I do from time to time enjoy having a couple drinks. A nurse explained to me that since alcohol dehydrates you your body makes more uric acid therefore making the gout worse. I wasnt told that all meat was bad but I did read something about organ meats and things like that were off limits. I cant remember eating organ meats. Here's hoping they come up with a cure in the near future.
mknacke replied to Diesel203's response:
Diesel- Confusing, isn't it? Seems like every website I go to and read about gout says something different. The alcohol being off limits is not a problem for him as he is a 20 yrs. sober recovering alcoholic. Now meat is another story. We had chicken leg quarters, baked beans & potato salad tonight and we hope that was all "safe". Whatever we need to do to keep that horrific pain away. Good luck to you!
Diesel203 replied to mknacke's response:
Hey, that is great about him being sober for 20 years.

Which meds did they put him on? I'm on allopurinol but I'm not sure what the point of the medicine is. The doctor claimed it was to help lower the levels of uric acid but I feel like I will be having a flare up and I haven't eaten enough of anything that would make me believe I should be having an episode. So now I have to call the pharmacy and get a refill for my anti-inflammatory.
mknacke replied to Diesel203's response:
Sorry you are feeling a flare-up coming on. They put him on allopurinol also and he was taking endomecithin (sp) for inflammation. We think we may have discovered his trigger by accident over the weekend. The low purine diet we are following says to avoid all shellfish and seafood. He rarely eats any of that so we figured it was a non-issue. Got to looking at the labels on some of his supplements and he was taking a bunch of stuff with shellfish in it for his joints. We are finding that if it says "glucosamine" it contains shellfish. Even his daily multivitamin contains shellfish! He was even on a RX for Lovaza (fish oil) for his triglycerides! We are sure hoping that was what was causing all this. He quit it all cold turkey and feels really sluggish but hoping it will pass soon.
Good luck with your pain management. Hope you can get it under control.
Diesel203 replied to mknacke's response:
The only thing I can figure out is turkey bacon is what caused my flare up. I'm going to have a long life ducking and dodging foods I like. I'm a big seafood person. They need to figure out how to stop gout. Ha take care.
Diesel203 replied to mknacke's response:
I'm never going to be able to live like this. I have no clue how people who have had gout for years can stand it. It's a rough rough condition. Just the diet stuff alone is enough to drive me crazy let alone the foot pain.

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