Is is RA or not?
macjo posted:
So been in pain in my right hip / leg for 25+ years, about a year ago, started hurting in my right shoulder arm, then left knee, and left hip off & on. Went to regular doc, put me on NSAID RX and did bloodwork. Came back with elevated RF factor 7.99 he diagnosed me with mild RA. Older sister has RA & Sjorgens sydrome. He put me on Methotrexate. My sister advised I see a rheumy. Had to wait 4 months, taking Methotrexate, so finally see rheumy and she says can't be RA and stop Methotrexate.. So has anyone else experienced this type of thing? I am in pain in right side mostly and can't sleep on that side... too painful... Any suggestions???
xperky responded:
Sorry you are getting mixed diagnoses. That's frustrating. If you get a swollen joint, call your rheumy to go in and have some fluid drawn and analyzed. That might help the dx process.

I have trouble sleeping on my sides too, especially the left hip. I'm trying to find a soft, thick mattress topper. In the winter, I have found my heated mattress pad to help with the hip/joint pain at night.

My best relief is with Tramadol. You can also try the Lidoderm patches. They are expensive but I've had great relief from night pain with them.

I hope you get some more suggestions, and good luck to you.