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mi shots
Anon_81997 posted:
I have a question that some of you maybe able to answers. What is an mi shot? I am suppost to get one tommrow. I need to know what it is before I get it.
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
You may be referring to an IM shot. This is a shot that is given in the muscle, often the upper arm, but may be given other places.The flu shot is given IM. Hope this is what you need.
deborabradford replied to Scott Zashin, MD's response:
Ok What is a cortistorid shot? How does it help paitents like me that suffer from both kinds RA and OA? How long does this shot last and what are the side affects from it any I need to be aware of?
Scott Zashin, MD replied to deborabradford's response:
An IM corticosteroid shot may help RA, but does not typically help OA. On the other hand, injecting the medication in an affected joint may help the pain of OA. Steroids are anti inflammatory meds often give to help decrease inflammation and subsequent pain. In RA, they may also be given orally.