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sfonseca7 posted:
I've been on Methotrexate (6 tabs once a week-2.5mg) for 7 months. The digestive tract problem since starting this medication is minor compared to the mouth sores, gum hot spots, sore throat and aching teeth. This is the 3rd week of mouth pain. It's getting better. I can't wait for it to go away. Will it? Is the cure as bad as or worse than the ailment?
ramickey responded:

Are you taking a folic acid supplement? A while ago I was having an issue with cold sores on my lip and occasionally in my mouth. I was taking 1mg of folic acid a day and when I talked to my doctor she suggested to take the my regular 1mg but every other day take 2mg. I have also become very conscious of keeping my hands away from my face/mouth. I try not to over use hand sanitizer but I probably use it more now especially after things like handling money, gas pumps and things like carts at the grocery store.
sfonseca7 replied to ramickey's response:
Thank you for answering. I do take folic acid pills. I go to see my RA dr soon and will let him know what you suggested.

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