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Knee Pain Again
Anon_81997 posted:
I my at a loss here. My dr's nurse said she did not see anything on my xrays about my knees hurting like there doing.But My kenns are really hurting. I am not sure of what to do? I 've tried over the counter pain meds and creams there just not working. How else can I relieve the pain.Does my dr need to perscribe a cane or someting to aid me in walking when my knee hurts like this?
xperky responded:
Have you ever been prescribed Voltaren Gel? I find it helpful to rub on the painful joints. Another helpful rx are those Lidoderm patches - expensive but wonderful.

Sorry you are having all that pain, that's rough.
B4Igo responded:
The last time my knees flared a physical therapist where I work took time out from her lunch break to give me a cold laser treatment which made a big difference. Another therapist taped my knees and that also helped. Both recommended getting a cane if for when the knees hurt. I had assumed that a flare was a flare and I could only ride it out. Turns out there are therapies that can help.

This is all to say that you might want to get a referral to physcial therapy and see if you can get some relief as well as help with how to use a cane when you need it.

Good Luck!
Anon_81997 replied to B4Igo's response:
Thanks does using the cane help relieve the pain and stiffness in your knees? I dread going up hills down hills, lately even the stairs are a nightmare. My 72 year old MOM can out walk me at a normal gaite lol I stay so tired all the time I just want to sleep. Last night I was at home in front of the tv and dropped my supper plate. This being so tired me terrible and my eyes feel dry like there is sand in them what do you do for that? And what kinds of jobs are there now days for people with chronic illnesses like this?

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