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recently diagnosed.....clueless!!!
dionisia98 posted:
I was recently diagnosed with RA even though bloodwork was normal and was previously diagnosed with just about everything else under the sun!!! I have already been taking ultram since 2006 due to 3 back surgeries and Provigil and Trazadone almost as long due to probs sleeping at night and being alert during the day. I take a combo of vits including a multi, fish oil/omega 3, niacin, biotin, calcium with D and Vit B12 shots once a week. Up until the beginning of this year I was working out in a gym 3 days a week and feeling great....then I had horrible sinus infection that started towards end of winter and couldn't get rid of and never felt good again. Became too tired to work out and had pain throughout body. Was put on Prestiq for help....switched to Lyrica and had little more energy but no decrease in pain....then sent to Rheumatologist and put on nabumetone with no help and then offered etodolac or plaquenil.....just want to feel better but don't know what combo works best....just don't understand how I can be on a drug that is used to treat narcolepsy and still so tired all the time and what I should do next.....just want to get back to work outs which were mild to begin with and not sleep through my weekends anymore.....sick of pain and fatigue....too young for this!
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
Fatigue is a tough problem with many possible causes. You might enjoy reading my article written for the Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation newsletter The Moisture Seekers. Possibly if you contact them, they will send you a copy. Two things I always check in my fatigued patients. First is their thyroid function and second is to make sure they don't snore which could indicate sleep apnea. Plaquenil may help fatigue, but it may take up to 6 months to see benefit and it does not work all the time.