types of jobs you can do with RA & OA
Anon_81997 posted:
I have a question for everyone and I need a answer.
I was laied off frm my job working in a factory over 5 years ago .
Remember when the big lay offs of the car parts happened.
Well since then I have been working in fast food as a cook.
But recently my knees and my RA,OA have gotten worse.
They have cut my hours doing this fast food job to almost nothing.
I have went from 32 hours and up to 16.00 to 19.38,to last week for a whole week I had 8.00 for the whole week. it has gotten so bad that I must now look for other work. But with my medical conditions being what they are I have no ideas on what type work to pick from.
I also need to find out about unemployment can part time people get unemployment? I only have a high school education.I live and work in NC. Is'nt there rights and rules for people with our medical conditions to protect or jobs? You can see I need help. Also how do you get to draw SSI if you have this and other chronic illnesses, if the drs say you can still do the job you have? So many questions, I am so lost.
lcover responded:
Hi Anon,

Where I live, we have a state agency called Vocational Rehabilitation. They provide assistance to people who are disabled and need to find new means of employment. If a person is eligible for assistance, Voc Rehab can help determine a suitable position depending on the persons condition and they may pay for vocational training. Having RA & OA is considered a disability.

It might be worthwhile to see if your state offers any assistance.

I hope that helps!
deborabradford replied to lcover's response:
thank you , will check into it in my area.