RA Pain
mcnolesballref posted:
Was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago and am taking methotrexate and folic acid. All my blood tests since on the methotrexate are good when it comes to inflammation. What I need to know is what can I do about the pain and stiffness in the joints? I have very, very little swelling at all but just constant pain. Was an athlete for years and have had multiple surgeries and also a knee replacement already, but dealing with constant pain wears you out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Seagle1963 responded:
Hope you get relief. For me, I take (gulp) 800 mg of advil 3 times a day, but only when I need it. That seems to work better than anything I have been prescribed. I had back surgury 10 years ago, and that is what my orthopod had me take.
blazezmama replied to Seagle1963's response:
I take 2 Aleve once a day it seems to help a little with my prescription meds. Walmart has their generic brand called Naproxen Sodium...much cheaper.
mike201 responded:
Yes, I have had severe RA now for almost two years. I take Humira and Arava as the big guns. Much of the swelling has receded and about 50% of the pain. I am disparately trying to reduce Prednisolone and Oxycontin but I still have fatigue and pain. I think the chronic pain in itself has become a disease as my bloods are good. My specialist has suggested that I have Fibromylagia as well and this explains the rotating pains. You must address your pain otherwise it may well lead to bad depression. Talk to your doctor and ask him or her about 1) mindfulness meditation, 2) drug based pain control and 3) exercise. Best of luck. Mike