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Do you find yourself more easily injured?
xperky posted:
I am wondering if it is normal for people with RA to have more than the "normal" amount of injury from bumping into something or getting hit by something.

Yesterday I separated two cats in a fight. I received the expected scratches to my hands, but the left side of my left hand, the knuckles and the top of the hand is all swollen, red, hot and painful. I can't see the knuckles or tendons due to the soft tissue swelling. There is no red streak to indicate infection. Looks like I've been in a bar fight, lol. I don't recall much of a hit to the area, at least not enough to have caused all this. My RA has been getting worse in my hands though, and I'm expecting to start MTX after minor surgery in a couple weeks.

Do any of you get surprised by the amount of injury you receive from a light blow to your affected joints? I'm learning something new every day, not that I want to, but my body is teaching me...LOL.
hobnob56 responded:
I am more concerned that you DO have an infection in your hand from the cat scratch. Cellulitis from cat scratches are common and can be dangerous. I would advise you to have the hand checked as soon as possible. You do not need a red streak up your arm to prove infection and most probably need to be put on an antibiotic.
Good luck
Seagle1963 responded:
I find that I bruise more easily and that any minor cut or scrape leaves a scar, which is sometimes larger than the cut. I do not form keloids.

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