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Off the shelf medicines/ointments etc
ImJaz posted:
My Sister is suffering from RA for 4 years now and gets swellings on an off . She stays out of US and has been on medication but not much help. Since she cant travel to US , i just want to know if there are any effective off the shelf medicines , oinments or any other treatment sources which i can send it to her and she can try. May be some sprays, excercise tips or home remedies ? Anything that i can buy without prescription and send it .
Please help.
xperky responded:
So nice of you to be thinking of your sister!

I do find pain relief with salonpas patches. I find the small ones useful around fingers or just put on a foot or hand area. The Costco near me sells them and sometimes issues a coupon for them as well.

For swelling, I've had luck with a 15 minute soak in Epsom salts and hot water, 2 cups per gallon, followed by icing with a bag of frozen peas about and hour later, for about 10 - 15 minutes.

I hope your sister is doing well most days.
Seagle1963 responded:
Voltaren is pretty good. It is topical. Inmany countries outside the USA, it is over the counter.

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