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So Confused
TeriR posted:
4 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with RA and have been treated since with Remicade,Methotrexate,Prednisone and Cymbalta (later to find out was an overdose of the Cymbalta).
I was unhappy with the rheumatologist and his nurse praticioner for some time.
In Sept I changed rheumatologist and was diagnosed with Fibro. He started me on Lyrica,discontinued the Mtrx and cut back further on the Cymbalta. I I left his office further depressed with an addition to all my other medical issues. Within a week I realized I forgot to ask about infusions. After 3 wks of the initial visit and persistant phone calls I was given an appt. He then told me he did not think I had RA due to being diagnosed by the first rheumatologist with Seronegative RA.
I've spent almost two months coming out of the fog from the Lyrica, another med added and coming down from the dosage of the Cymbalta.
I have been doing some thinking and need a sounding board.
Should I find another doctor? Wait until mid Nov and see him again?
If I stay with this doctor, what questions should I be asking?
At this point I am very confused.
xperky responded:
Hi TeriR. I feel for your predicament. I'm no expert, just a fellow patient who worries about these things too.

Do you have any joints that would be interesting to xrays or an mri? Any fluid in joints to test? Redness and swelling? Supposedly FM doesn't cause redness and swelling of joints.

I have FM & RA too, and I hope you can find some relief. One thing I believe I notice is my FM pain is in areas and achy but my RA pain is right in joints and sharper? Just guessing, lol.

It does take time with each new medicine and/or doctor, so try to be patient and keep a symptom journal with specifics.
TeriR replied to xperky's response:
The new rheumatologist states I do not have RA. However. the old rheumatologist diagnosed me with chondromylagia and osteoarthritis of the knees as well as RA. I saw a bone and joint speacialist just about a month ago and he blew me off stating there was nothing wrong with my knees (through x-rays and mri's), of course he was a surgeon. So the knee pain, the shifting of the knee caps and weakness are in my head is basicaly what he told me when he pointed to his head when I asked these questions.
I have had blood drawn fron one knee when I placed pressure on it and it's been down hill since for both knees. I have braces and walk with a can for support. Very frustrated with doctors and diagnosis, meds that do not work and of course out of work for almost 1 yr. Future is very uncertain.
xperky replied to TeriR's response:
Teri, so sad to hear your frustrating situation. Obviously there's something going on with your knees. Sometimes people have good outcomes when they see a physical therapist. Those folks can figure out problems by watching what you can and can't do with their guidance.

I know it's hard to keep trying new avenues for treatment. It's hard to find help. Please keep looking for answers though.

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