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Should I get a new Dr???
An_248159 posted:
I was diagnosed with RA about 3 years ago. I was seeing a Dr I. really loved however it was just to far of a drive to continue seeing him. I started going to a local Dr. I have been in severe pain for the most part every day, I have good days and bad days. I went to this new Dr. who took xrays of my hands and neck. He told me I have no swelling in my hands and that I was fine, he asked me what hurt the most, I told him my hands,feet, legs. He felt my hands for like 2 seconds and didn't even check the rest of my body(feet,wrists,ect.)This Dr made me feel like I was a liar or something. He gave me no RA medicine,just anti inflammatory meds, he didn't check my heart,lungs nothing. Am I crazy or does anyone else with this disease have pain in there hands without swelling all the time?I think I'm going to get a new Dr or just go back to my old one.???I have been on Methotrexate,Embrel,steroids,nothing seems to give me relief. I can also sypathize with everyone who has lost hair, I have also. I have to elavate my legs a lot through out the day due to swelling and told the Dr that I was not working, he says why not your not swollen, I was so flabergasted I couldn't speek. Does any one else experience such pain that they are not able to work???? Thanks for any feed back.
lex16420 responded:
Anytime you cannot have a relationship with your doctor you need to move on. This is your health. You need to trust the doctors that you rely on to help you heal. That's my opinion
Loriann replied to lex16420's response:
Thanks for the feed back Lex16420. I will be contacting my old Dr. and start seeing him again. Have a wonderful day.
mike201 responded:
You asked some other questions. You probably should not be having the level of pain and type of symptoms if you are taking your meds correctly. If you are taking them then perhaps there are two other explanations. The first is that Embrel has ceased working and the second is that you may have another condition as well. For example, I have severe RA and Fibrolmylagia. Your specialist needs to run your bloods in some detail. I too lost hair with methotrexate but have replaced this with Arava so now the hair grows. The other thing that you need to be aware of is that chronic pain itself can be a condition/disease. I am currently having a battle in this space. Sounds like you need to get a referral to a Rheumatologist. Best of luck.
Loriann replied to mike201's response:
Hi Mike thanks for the feed back. I went yesterday to my reg.Dr.and asked him to test me for Fibrolmylagia. I was seeing a great RA Dr. but had to go to one thats closer to me. The new RA Dr I saw was not great at all so I will be going back to my old one at Yale. I didn't know that chronic pain could be a condition or disease in itself. What do you do to ease your pain? I wish you luck also with this disease it really is a roller coaster ride!!!! Thanks for all the info and suggestions. Have a great day.

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