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Painful and swollen feet from RA
An_248172 posted:
My son was diagnoses, with Ra, earlier this year. both feet is very painfull and swollen, any suggestion to relieve some of the swelling.
xperky responded:
Sorry to hear that. I have found relief from swelling by first doing a hot soak in epsom salts, 2 cups per gallon of hot water, for about 15 minutes, followed by ice for 10 - 15 minutes. I sure hope your son finds many ways to relieve his condition.
Loriann responded:
I to deal with swollen feet, not fun at all. The soaking in epsom and then ice is a great suggestion from xperky. I also find elavating my feet on a bunch of pillows help a little. I'm talking a LOT of pillows. I hope your son finds some comfort. A nice gentle massage may help a little also. Best of luck...
WraithW responded:
I've been having problems with swelling in the balls of my feet and alot of toe pain and stiffness all summer long. I finally went to the "Good Feet "' store about 2 weeks ago. Huge expense but my feet haven't felt so good in months . It's a series of arch supports that reshape your feet. I also have a friend who has heal pain and they worked for her too.
Billy7412 responded:
Well, I've heard that if you place icepacks, on a towel, & apply them to the affected area, that will help to bring down the swelling!!
SallyDStanley replied to Billy7412's response:
This may sound odd but when I get swollen and hot from RA, I go to this store that has a "beer cave," which is basically a walk in cooler. I stay in there for about 5-10 minutes so cool down. If an attendant comes and asks me how I am doing I just say that I was looking for this imported beer I had gotten once but can't find it.

Also my gym as this thing called a cold dip. You walk into a mini pool that goes to 5ft deep and I go walk into there and stay in there for a few minutes/seconds depending on how much I hurt.
xperky replied to SallyDStanley's response:
LOL - the beer cave! Brrrrr.

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