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Has anyone tried Omega XL?
Edfer posted:
My daughter gave me a bottle of Omega XL telling me it would help ease some of my inflammation. I have been taking 2 of the pills in the morning and 2 in evening. I really think it is working, especially in the morning when my hands are the most stiff. I'm about to buy another bottle from their website and was wondering if anyone else has ever tried it and your thoughts on it. Thank you
blugixxer6 responded:
I have been using the Omega XL also for about a year now and I believe in it. I allowed my self to run out of it by accident and within a week I noticed a increase in the stiffness and inflammation of my joints.I take 4 of the pills a day and my wife also uses Omega taking 2 pills a day.
stevan_mcgrath responded:
I bought this for my mom who's struggling with osteoarthritis, says since she's started taking this Omega XL, her joints has not stop hurting and feels ten times worse. She took 2 capsules of Omega XL in the morning and by mid day, could walk to the restroom. Still has immense pain in her leg. Omega XL didn't worked for her at all. There is an overview about Omega XL that you must read.
david_gomes replied to stevan_mcgrath's response:
thanks stevan for your comment. I am in extreme pain. Side effects? I m not taking such supplements currently..they caused allergic reactions and made walking difficult. What about natural joint supplements are they worth trying?

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