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Level of Pain with RA
An_248298 posted:
I was diagnosed with RA four years ago and I'm being treated wih Humira. It worked initially but now I'm having quit a bit of pain. My doctor has indicated that it must be something else or a psychological issue because with taking Humira I shoud be in remission and not having any pain at all. I'm also having issues with chest pain. My previous rheumatologist had told me if he could reduce the pain by at 50% with the Humira he would consider the treatment a success,

I was wondering if other people taking a biological are pain free and no longer have RA symtoms? I'm not sure which dr is correct.
EvilScarrlett responded:
I really understand what you're saying. I was diagnosed at the start of 2008. I used Humira first & after 7 months I noticed a drop off of its effectiveness. The Dr suggested Remicade, which is a real hard ass, but did work for a few years; though the amount was increased until I could no longer use it because it too, dropped off. I got handed a new rheumatologist about 6 months ago, because the clinic does that and he suggested Orencia. I have had some relief but I still have flares too often (according to him) and daily have quite a lot of pain (certain areas are worse of course). I spoke to him yesterday; he said he 'didn't feel or see any inflammation' in my hands so it must be my fibromyalgia, I wanted to scream at him- there he sat, able to type and use his mouse fluently and he acted like I didn't know my own pain! People say 'get a new Dr'. I honestly can't... My insurance will pay for this specialty clinic and I have to drive 80 miles going and 80 coming back. They pay well (low co pays etc) but I am feeling very let down. Things are bad at my job (of course I run 4 systems on computer for a pharmacy and they value quickness-I don't know how long I'll have a job). I read articles that people go into remission & they beat the pain and have a flare about every 3-4 months if not in remission. It sounds so wonderful.
I think your Dr should get you a new biologic since there are many, An_248298, Don't let them walk over you. I told mine we needed to try a different biologic if they all attack certain aspects of RA. My PA is pending & I will be speaking to my plan soon if my Dr keeps looking 'past' me. Good luck with yours too!

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