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    Diagnosed earlier this year....angry, frusterated, scared and tired
    dannyialj posted:
    My symptoms began with severe leg cramps which the doctors though was over-use or lack of potassium. Symptoms in legs went from occasionally to every day. When I moved to Ohio I went to a new doctor because while moving I had strained my back. After x-rays and blood tests I was told "No wonder why you are in pain! You have severe arthritis in your spine and have tested positive for RA". My primary prescribed me Naproxyn, flexril and vicodin. I was scared to death, the only thing that came to mind were those commercials where peoples hands were deformed. I was referred to a Rheumatologist and was started on methotrexate. This medicine made me so sick and so lethargic, so I was prescribed phenergran (which helped). After 5 months on Metho and being very frusterated with my rheumatologist I stopped taking the metho. My rheumatologist wasnt sure I had RA, even though my numbers where "off the charts", he though maybe I hade carpal tunnel or something else the next. Now after being off the meds for about 5 months I am more tired than ever before, but cannot sleep at night. I have been under a tremondous amount of stress lately also. My hands, fingers, legs and ankles are in constant pain which doesnt help with my moods I am sure. I know I have done this to myself since I went off the methotrexate but when I was ON the medicine I felt worse than before. I am struggling with this 'NEW' life I find myself in. I used to be very active, used to work 40+ hours a week, used to decorate cakes and do crafts. All of these things that I enjoyed I find myself not being able to do, or I can do them and get frusterated and end up in severe pain for days. I feel lazy and although I do have a very understnading husband and children I feel as though I am a burden as they have to pick up my slack.I used to be the "go to" person in my circle of family and friends. I know I am in denial and more than likely depressed, I just dont know which way to turn or who to turn to.
    lex16420 responded:
    I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is so frustrating I know. I worked and went to school full time and have horses. The last two I had to give up given this dreaded disease. I've been to 3 doctors in 5 months. You need to find someone who will work with you. There are many meds you can try. I'm on my second. I was allergic to the first. Please try to see another rheumy to help you!
    blugixxer6 responded:
    I understand how you feel I have been dealing with my new RA life, also diagnosed about a year ago. what form of methotrexate were you on oral or injection? I started on the oral and I was very sick myself. I have recently started the injections and have experienced a tremendous decrease in the sickness the oral version caused I also take Prednisone,Plaquenil and Folic Acid along with a vitamin D supplement daily. don't give up on treatment find a doctor that will work with you there are other treatment options out there. my doctor encourages me to learn all I can about RA and ask questions. I am still active although not as I used to be but I get by. I have regular flares but I deal with them and go on. believe it or not I am still able to ride my motorcycle most of the time and take an occasional horse ride. Hang in there and don't let it ruin things for you.
    dannyialj responded:
    Thank you for your support and understanding!! When I wrote this I felt like I was being a big cry baby!! I went to my PCP and she said she has had many complaints about the Rheumy I was seeing. She is referring me to another. I was on the metho oral with folic acid. My PCP and I talked about depression meds but have decided that we should hold off...I have taken more pills this past year than I like and quite frankly it scares me!! She also wanted to do more blood work but we decided that we already know my numbers are more than likely through the roof so I should wait until I see this new Rheumy. I also got a flu shot and the next day was so sick I had to leave work early (strange since the virus in the shot is dead). But with the understanding and support from my family and friends and here from strangers who offer advise and care I think I can lift myself up and move along and figure out how to live my live with this disease!!

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