RA symptoms?
lionbaby73 posted:
I've been experiencing some new symptoms lately that I'm concerned about. My hands, wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, shoulders hurt so much. I also have swelling on my hands. Sometimes I wake up with my fingers really stiff and it takes me a while to get them back to normal. I feel tired and nauseous throughout the day. Could this be RA?
xperky responded:
Your symptoms sound familiar to me. Have they been going on for a while? We can't diagnose on the site but these sound like symptoms I would take to my doctor if they don't go away.
lionbaby73 replied to xperky's response:
about a month now and it's worsening. I've noticed I drop things frequently. I scheduled a doc's appointment for next week, I'm going to request a referral to see a Rheumatologist.
An_248402 replied to lionbaby73's response:
Hi there! I also drop things which is getting worse, I get so upset not sure what to do. I wear a pair of gloves that help with the swelling in turn helps with the dropping things I do not wear them constantly but only when it's so bad it does help me. Good luck
Born_to_be_blonde replied to An_248402's response:
I had a lot of the same symptoms before I was diagnosed. I was sent from Dr. to Dr. before having a blood test for RA. I would go to your family doctor and ask to have the RA blood test and antibodies test. These test dont prove or disprove you have RA but can get on the right path.
Maxwell1965 responded:
I had similiar symptoms. Sounds to me like RA. Welcome to the club!