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Do I have RA?
An_248420 posted:
I'm not so sure if I can have RA... I have been experiencing some random and inexplicable pains or aches. They seem to be situated in my upper arms and the upper parts of each of my legs, some days it seems as if the pains alternate between my arms and legs. My grandfather worked as a doctor yet he was unable to diagnose these strange aches. It feels almost as if I have been participating in some sort of strenuous activity like tennis. Usually before my muscles start paining I feel dizzy, nauseated and weak. Although I do not experience any sort of inflamtion... it feels almost as if I have been exercising. could someone please explain this and if this is not RA please tell me if you know what it could be... thank you!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome,

There are so many conditions that can include pain and other symptoms that it wouldn't be possible to suggest a diagnose on an online message board. The best thing you could do is see your doctor and s/he could run the necessary tests to determine what's going on.

Let us know what they find out.
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