Weather effecting RA???
dannyialj posted:
I have just gotton off of a round of prednisone (I tried to carve a pumpkin and paid for it dearly). Well now we have cold weather and rain and I feel like every muscle and joint in my body is rebelling against everything (except curled under a blanket with hot Does anyone else have issues when the weather changes??

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xperky responded:
This storm, Sandy, is amazing. I've watched our pressure drop for hours, here in VA, and the cold rain is awful. Time to put on my fingerless gloves that I wear inside.
CrystalLarel responded:
I thought I was on the mend this summer and the cold weather hit and my pain skyrocketed. Now I think there is something funky going on with the weather because my hands are swollen. If only I was a weather person who could at least see these things coming. Yes, weather does affect my joint pain, severely. I see why the elderly move to Florida! I went there for a conference a few years ago and felt better than I had in years, I thought it was the bed...I wanted one like that...good thing I didn't go buy one! I was diagnosed with RA shortly after. I fantasize about moving somewhere warm on the bad days, perhaps someday when I am done raising small children and need the support of my family.