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Sed. Rate
lionbaby73 posted:
What does a sed rate of 55 mean? I know it's slightly higher than normal but what could it mean? Since my doctor had no time to interpret my results with me since I didn't have an appointment I just want an idea of what can cause this. Thank you
MrsAddka responded:
A sed rate 55 mm/hour is high enough, do you have too much pain? It is a rate of sedimentation of erythrocytes and it is higher when you have inflammation in your body (a normal rate for women is till 10)
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
While the normal result for a sedimentation rate increases as we age, I consider a result over 30 to be abnormal. Inflammatory arthritis like lupus or RA can cause this problem, bbut so can an infection such as a virus. If it is due to an infection, the test will revert back to normal in time. There are a number of other chronic diseases that also can be associated wtih a high sed rate.