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errolbrown posted:
The answer is juice fasting. It will cleanse the body and remove the acids in the joints and cure the disease. Some may have objections to this type of healing that actually works and prefer the drugs that mask the symptoms while the disease continues to rage. This healing is not for everyone just those that wants a cure and will do what is necessary to get that cure.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Errol,

You've shared this before with us here. Do you have any links to legitimate research which supports this? Claims can be made for all sorts of cures but we'd like to see double-blind studies to support them.

I don't think anyone here would be unwilling or unable to do everything possible to help themselves and to suggest otherwise is inappropriate.

I hope that anyone interested in this idea would first discuss it with their own doctor(s).
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bleeski responded:
"Mr. Brown" Imagine my surprise at reading your post.All these months that I've been spending $ and dealing with side effects.All that could have been avoided if I had just juiced!! I guess my doctors' years of training were for nil.Silly me.
errolbrown replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
If you were a drug company and were making millions of of a product would you create another product to stop those millions from coming in.
It has been well documented in clinical research that juice fasting can and oes cure arthritis. I am not here to direct people to that information and if anyone has any doubts let their hands do the walking, I have posted what cures the disease, now its up to whoever wants to be cured to either do it or investigate it for themselves.
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
There are studies showing temporary benefit with fasting but I am not aware of any long term data.Glad you are doing well and it is working for you.
luvmutherearth responded:

Can you give specifics on juice cleansing please-

I have always been waryof taking immuno suppresants