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Did I Sprain My Ankle Because of RA?
Born_to_be_blonde posted:
I am fairly clumsy... okay, okay...I am usually VERY clumsy. I was walking down the steps at the front of my house to look at our Christmas lights my husband spent all day putting up. The next thing I know I heard a pop from my ankle and down I went. My ankle just gave out. I didnt step funny and my son was behind me said the same thing. I stepped down flat and I just went down. Im 27 with RA and have recently been diagnosed. Im wondering if my ankle sprain was just a freak accident or if maybe the RA played a part in it. Has this happened to you? Should I bring it up to my doctor? Body parts shouldnt just pop and not work... right?

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Scott Zashin, MD responded:
If a patient of mine came to me with that complaint I would not typically blame it on RA. If it recurred or she had mechanical symptoms such as painful popping I would refer to an ortho physician, ideally one with expertise in foot and ankle issues.

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