MTX questions.
Tammy62 posted:
Dr visit yesterday confirmation of RA. Dr decided to begin with MTX. She also gave me frolic acid and prednisone. I'm. Thankful for the prednisone because it did help last time. A bit scared to start the methotrexate because my initial liver enzymes were elevated and she s going to check in three weeks to decide if I can stay on it. If yes she will increase the dosage. I take four pills for three weeks then increase to six and eventually eight. Is this normal? I spoke with someone today and she has been on methotrexate for six years and only takes three pills a week with no side effects. I have IBS and am worried the meds will make it worse too. Do most of you have side effects or are the horror stories few and far between ?
singingbear responded:
I started with 5 MTX a week and moved up to 7 after a couple months. I do take 2mg of folic acid daily and 5mg of leucovor once a week (8-12 hrs after MTX). I never had any problem with intestinal side effects just some hair loss and fatigue that has been controlled by the increase in folic acid.
With the MTX my doc orders a complete blood count and metabolic panel every two months to monitor my liver, kidneys, and blood count. I am sure your doctor will do the same and keep a close eye on the results.
Tammy62 replied to singingbear's response:
Thank you. I am glad to hear that you don't have the intestinal side effects. I am hoping all goes well and I am back to normal soon