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High R factor, pos ANA, but no inflammation on blood tests-taking Plaquinil
dominostreet posted:
Hello. I'm just wondering about symptoms. Does anyone else have pain on the palmer side of the hands? When your hands swell, do your fingers swell like sausages? Has anyone ever had a sudden sharp pain on the palmer side of their hand wile at rest, then find a bruise there later? Does anyone have the joint pain in the fingers, but no redness? Finally, does anyone get chills during a flare? I'm still wondering if I have it, your response will help.
xperky responded:
I have pain on palm side of joints. Usually redness is not there but it can come and go.

I get "sausage" toes, but not fingers. My doc first suspected psoriatic arthritis because of it. That may be something for you to research.
crystalscats responded:
Hello, my hands and toes blow up like sausages! Sometimes so bad my husband is afraid the skin is going to just pop open.I also have the joint pain sometimes red other times not as well. I also get the palm pain. I bruise all the time though and all different odd spots and don't remember bumping to cause it. I am having a lot of joint pain now in my hands and wrists writing this but no redness or swelling, yet?

I also have FMS with the R/A and together they cause a lot of joint pain. So not sure sometimes if the pain is FM when I do not get all red? They say FMS does not cause inflammation so figure that is when not red?

Chills, while running a low grade fever some times. I though at night have horrible night sweats. I soak the bed and myself. I think that though is my age and being a woman??

So not alone I have same things happen to me.

dominostreet replied to xperky's response:
Thanks for the response. My rheum. Says not, and I don't have psoriasis either. Somehow it's good to know I'm not alone in some of my uncommon symptoms.
dominostreet replied to crystalscats's response:
Thanks for responding. I wonder if the bruising is related to NSAID use? I can't use NSAIDS. It's good to know I'm not alone in this. Take care, Janet
xperky replied to dominostreet's response:
Yes, it is good to know we are not alone in this! I'm learning that each case is unique and hardly anyone is a textbook case.

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