Breastfeeding make RA worse?
mommyfor2 posted:
Hey everyone! My symptoms started about 6 weeks after I gave birth to my second child. I've read online that breastfeeding can make the symptoms worse and even worse, that breastfeeding might have triggered the disease itself. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?
HanDiana responded:
Hi mommyfor2, the onset of my RA was caused by my miscarriage during my second pregnancy. However, when I was having my third pregnancy, my RA went into remission (for god's sake), but 2 to 3 weeks after my delivery, my RA started to flare up. I was breastfeeding for 1 month and after which, I have to stop it because my hands were too painful and I couldn't really hold my baby for long. Was back on meds so I did not want my baby to absorb any remnants of the meds through the breast milk.
LadyNerilka responded:
The cause of RA is unknown so someone claiming breastfeeding causes RA is a load of crap. Many people see their symptoms subside during pregnancy but return soon after, so it's possible your RA would have shown up sooner had it not been for your pregnancy holding it at bay.