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Scared about RA
An_249876 posted:
Got diagnosed with RA in August. I am 48 years old and single. I am terrified and plus I do not see the medication I got prescribed as anything anyone takes. I was prescribed sulfasalazine. I do not see anyone else posting that they take that and instead of stoping something that was caught early, I am afraid it will advance. On top of that I do not even feel like I will find a husband because I feel no one will want to marry someone with RA. This sucks!
xperky responded:
The whole diagnosis is quite scary, I agree. I think no matter which drug we try first we all worry that it won't stop the disease. Hopefully you will feel an improvement soon.

Keep looking for Mr Right. One quality to look for is compassion. RA is just a physical problem. Personality problems would really make it hard to find a guy! I do understand your fears though. I hardly have any energy and don't get out much. Luckily I've been married to a sweet man for 32 years. He has been understanding and helpful with my new diagnosis. I hope you find someone to lean on.
Balanceddays responded:
I am taking sulfasalazine as part of my daily cocktail of drugs. I was over run with RA when I was 43. At my worst I was not able to walk, dress myself or feed myself. I am 54 now and my Dr has done well by me. I now walk my dog daily, Kayak in the summer, work and enjoy life to the best of my ability. The medications I was put on helped remarkably. Yes I can not do everything that I use to do, and yes I had to modify my daily routine but I look back now and believe this RA was the best thing that ever happened to me. I appreciate life, people and myself much more because of it. When the medications you are taking start working for you things will change for the better. Think positively, your mind is your best defense. I took control of my life back by deciding how I wanted to live the rest of my life with this disease. You are at a perfect age to remold your life to what is good for you - not what you think others want or what others expect out of you. No more pushing yourself to the max. Take care of yourself, body spirit and soul. And men, they will find that irresistible.
henry88 responded:
Nothing is going to happen, it not like that no one going to marry a person with RA. If you were diagnosed after marriage, than what would have happened.Just think of some better options or treatment that can keep your disease at bay instead of spreading all over the body.And don't give importance to this baseless things.
KatinaM replied to Balanceddays's response:
Balanceddays, I really needed to see that answer!! Not that I've worried about finding someone to marry, but I am new to a diagnosis (first SLE in September, then changed to RA last week) and I've been in slight freakout mode. The drugs sound scary, but the disease does, too, so I'm so glad to read about how your life changed for the better once you got on the proper medication.

Attitude is so much. I try hard to maintain a positive outlook, but it sure helps to get a little boost from the outside now and again.
KatinaM responded:
It's scary, An_24987! Take heart, though. I think RA treatments have really improved. I see a lot of people going through treatment for it who say the medications help a lot, and bring their quality of life much closer to how it was before getting sick.

I agree with xperky about finding love. It's out there, and a compassionate person who can love you for you will not care about the RA. We all have something that others have to put up with. Personality issues would be much more difficult to tolerate

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