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Diagnosed 3 weeks ago
debbiejojo posted:
Hello ALL,
I was just diagnosed for EARLY RA a little more than 3 weeks ago. I wasn't really all that scared, more like releaved. I has a positive ANA about 2 years ago and the MD I saw just dismissed me because I wasn't in all that much pain. I went back to my primary MD bc I was having some pain in my left thigh. This promted a few tests and again had a positve ANA. Although the pain in my left thigh was unrelated to the ANA my MD was still concerned and referred me to yet another Rheumatologist. I was scared he would dismiss me bc to be honest I wasn't really in a lot of pain. It was mostly in the mornings and after I sat for a while. I went to the Rheumatologist prepared for the worst and while I was there he did blood work, a nerve conduction study and A LOT of x-rays. He also put me on 10mg of Prednisone per day. At the follow up he confirmed I have Early RA and put me on 400mg of Plaquanil per day and started tapering the Prednisone (thank goodness!). I haven't really had an changes in pain or anything but I know that the Plaquanil can take quite a while to kick in. I did start doing research and found the "RA Diet" which is essentially eating Gluten and Dairy free as well as just healthy in general. I was also told to start doing a little light to moderate excersize every day to keep myself in remission. Can someone tell me, am I on the right track? I just don't want to wake up on morning and REALLY be unable to move. Thanks!
LadyNerilka responded:
Sounds like you are doing great! It's awesome to see that you have done research and are being so proactive about this. I hope your condition doesn't get worse but honestly, even with doing everything right, you can suddenly get a lot worse, or better. There are good days and bad days. Sometimes there is absolutely no noticeable reason for the change. Just keep doing the best you can, stay on your meds not matter how good you feel. Stay positive but also remember it is ok to be scared sometimes.

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