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jlynnlove posted:
I have had RA for since I was 33, i am now 40 and was on Enbrel until they told me to get off since they believe it contributed to my skin cancer. I moved to another city and the only job i could find was one that did not offer insurance. it has been a year since i have been off meds and was doing great untll the last few months. I have joint damage in my feet and now i think it is in my hips.

i do not know what to do given i have no insurance and cant afford doctor visits or blood work and x rays or meds. Even if i could go to a visit beng on med would also incur costs of follow up blood work etc.

i am too tired to take on a second job to afford self paid health insurance. no one seems to understand what people with RA goes thru and very frustrating that i am always tired and in pain and people think i am crazy because i look fine, i walk a little funny due to foot ad hip but otherwise i dont look ill.

i would like to be able to talk to others with RA and see if anyone has info on ways to get doctor visits paid etc.
LadyNerilka responded:
I wish others did understand what we are going through with this stupid disease!! For awhile I was on just methx and went to only 2 doc appointments a year and told him that I didn't have insurance so he only ordered the most necessary blood work, to make it more affordable. If you are able to do something like that, something is better than nothing. Also look into social security disability.

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