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Orencia just stopped working
3collies posted:
I had allergic reactions to Enbrel, Humira, & MTX but did really well on Orencia for about 3 years then suddenly it stopped working and I had flares every 3 -4 days that were worse than anything I've ever experienced. Anyone else have this problem. I'm anxious about trying another drug. I called the Orencia 800 number but the nurse said that they didn't have any data about the meds losing its effectiveness after a period of time. Any one out there who had a return of angry flares while still getting infusions???
GSD_Man responded:
I've been on Orencia for about 18 months. It has worked great, relieving almost all symptoms and pain. I missed an infusion last month due to insurance company changes and had to go 2 months between infusions. I can really feel the difference, I've had pain and stiffness and inflamation. I'm hoping Orencia just needs more time to re-establish! I'll check back and give you an update in a couple of weeks.

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