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    methotrexate help
    bleeski posted:
    I've read lots of info on methotrexate & know what the experts say & would now like to hear from those who have taken this.I read posts from many of you about all the bad side effects such as hair loss but is there anyone out there that has NOT had hair loss?I've been on Plaquenil since July with only partial relief so I'm now going on low dose (7.5) orally to start just to see how I handle it before deciding if I must up the dose orally or need to switch to injections.I also take folic acid & vitamin D for the RA, along with hypertension meds.Also, what is the normal dosage of methotrexate that I can expect my doc to put me on in the future?I'm so worried about the hair loss-should just be happy to find something to slow this RA. Thanks for any help.
    xperky responded:
    Hi bleeski. I've been on 7.5mg and recently 10mg weekly mtx since November 2012. I have also been prescribed 1mg folic acid to prevent side effects. The folic acid can be increased if you need. So far what I've felt is minor, both in improvement and in side effects. If my hair is thinning, it is slow so far. I do feel pretty tired and pained for the first couple days after.

    I hope you don't have any hair loss! I have read that most people don't experience that. Maybe the combo of Plaquenil and mtx will do magic for you!
    bleeski replied to xperky's response:
    Thanks xperky! It's nice to hear something more positive about it. I guess I must just give it a chance-not much else to do anyway.I'll write back with update for others when I've been on it for awhile.Take care.
    An_248434 responded:
    I have been on 15 mg of methotrexate per week since July 2012. Even with the folic acid, I am very fatigued and have flu like aches and pains 2-3 days after taking the methotrexate. I have not had any stomach issues and no issues with hair loss. However, my RA pains, swelling and weakness have all returned, as if the methotrexate has lost its efficiency. I go back to my doctor next week to see what he has to say. Hopefully it will work for you.
    bleeski replied to An_248434's response:
    Thanks for your response.I can't imagine being more fatigued than I already am! I already feel exhausted after every little chore I do but glad to hear no hair loss in your case. I'm sorry it stopped working for you & hope they find something new for you. Good luck.
    mommyfor2 replied to bleeski's response:
    I haven't started yet but my doctor prescribed 5mg of folic acid which seems to be a lot more then everyone else takes. I've started taking it in advance to hopefully have reserves built up to help. Sigh.
    mommyfor2 responded:
    Oh one more thing. I read somewhere that vitamin D also helps with the side effects. I'm not sure if it's true but I'm taking extra vitamin D too.

    Also, ask about an iron supplement. I hear that most people with RA also are iron deficient.
    xperky replied to mommyfor2's response:
    I'm not sure about iron supplements actually being effective for the type of iron deficiency that comes with RA. You might ask your doc about that before starting. It can't hurt to eat plenty of dark, leafy greens lik Popeye did though!

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