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1st dose of MTX
bleeski posted:
Just wanted to report on my experience with MTX.Was started on low dose for a month;taking along with Plaquenil which wasn't working by itself.Took last night.No nausea but did feel like my body was made of jello (maybe that's the flulike feeling some report?)Feeling fine this evening.Thanks for the support.
xperky responded:
That's encouraging, bleeski! I don't know about the jello feeling. I guess if the jello turns into pudding, then we'd have something to worry about! But seriously, I hope your body can tolerate it all and your RA gradually improves.
mommyfor2 responded:
I'm glad you were able to tolerate mtx. I'm supposed to start it on Friday but I think I'm going to hold off. Hopefully the "jello" feeling goes away. That doesn't sound good.

Did the doctor mention that it often takes 4-6 weeks for mtx to actually kick in? Might be that your lower dose was ok but you didn't give it enough time.
bleeski replied to mommyfor2's response:
Yes, I know it takes a while for the benefits of MTX to kick in but if you're going to have side effects you'll know pretty quickly.The jello feeling is just weakness & not feeling well.I'm writing this after the second dose & actually feeling pretty good.I'm thinking after I see her in three weeks she'll up the dose & maybe that's when I'll see more side effects.Hope not. Thanks.

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