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Can Rheumatoid Arthritis cause soreness and swelling of three fingers on one hand ?
alee86 posted:
For eight days now I have been experiencing discomfort on my right middle, ring and little fingers.

My knuckles are sore, swollen, red and stiff. It started with what looked like a paronychia on my little finger. It then spread to my ring and middle fingers. I noticed a blister-like lesion on my left-middle finger but otherwise this hand does not hurt.

I also have red painful patches on the inside of my right hand fingers.

If someone recognises these symptoms by my description and by the accompanying photos, please get in touch. My doctor does not know what it is and has asked for blood tests for further examination.

Many thanks
An_246691 responded:
Are you sure it isn't an allergic reaction to any of the nail products? Have you used prior to this?
alee86 responded:
Thank you for your response!
I bought a new nail polish and applied it a couple of days before the first symptom appeared. Do you think this could cause such swelling and soreness?
An_246691 replied to alee86's response:
I'm not a doctor but it sure looks that way to me. RA usually effects other joints of the fingers and hands. Your tips of fingers, right around your nails are what's effected. I've known women who have had allergies to some nail products who have had your signs. Good luck. I hope it's something that can be improved by just eliminating that particular product. I CAN'T believe your doctor didn't figure this out! Geez.
alee86 replied to An_246691's response:
Thank you so much for your reply! I have another appointment at my doctor's tomorrow so I will mention this to her. Will keep you posted! Thanks again!
An_246691 replied to alee86's response:
Good luck! I really hope that's all it is.
alee86 replied to An_246691's response:
Hello again,

All my blood tests came back normal and my fingers are looking and feeling much better! My doctor thinks it might be chilblains...I just hope that whatever it is, I will not get it ever again!

Thank you for your help!

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