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flu vaccination caused RA
jennyx posted:
I am an overall healthy woman. Got flu shot in January, 10 days later, my fingers on both hands felt stiffness in the morning, ever since, finger stiffness stays with me. it will go away after I move around,

My doctor thinks I had RA. I am very upset about flu shot. I wonder if anyone else here had similar experience?

My next question -- How long does it take from stiffness to pain? so far, I have not felt pain yet. but I am scared.

Thank you ,

beautifulOregon responded:
The pain is different. It is like the flu to me. I ache all over. When asked where I hurt I cover my entire body. At night it is difficult as I cannot just fall asleep as the achiness is horrible.
I would probably say everyone is different. I am very concerned about taking pain meds to the point where I have to have them every 4 to 6 hours. When I told the doctor I took TWO one night as I could not sleep, he said that is ok, do what you must. I have a very good doctor and he has made an appt with a Rheumatologist for me next week. I was treated for fibremialgia for years. Obviously that is what they call something when they cannot figure it out.
maxjmuller responded:
I run a small law firm where the majority of our practice is dedicated to representing the victims of reactions to vaccinations. Please feel free to visit our web site for more information about vaccine claims at

There is a government fund that is compensating the victims of vaccine reactions, including arthritis. The government also pays all attorneys' fees associated with these cases. We are always more than willing to provide a free consultation or just some advice.

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