drug lefludomine
catful posted:
I have just been put on Lefludomine, along with my Hydroxychlor and Prednisone to control a flare....I am very concerned with the Lefludomine side effects and statement of taking 2 years to get out of system....I don't want to take this and wonder if anyone out there is currently taking and if they have similar concerns....I am exploring other options...and was told the supplement curumin might be of help.
Does anyone have any feedback? thank you.
mommyfor2 responded:
Are you planning to have kids in the future? I'd hold off and ask for something else. Otherwise I'd suggest trying it nd seeing how you feel. I was terrified to try methotrexate but I thankfully don't have side effects yet (I have my third injection in a couple days). Im so glad I did it now. Sounds like your doctor is aggressively attacking the rheumatoid arthritis and from what I read that's the best way to do it.