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Anti CCP lab results
ElleFly posted:
About three years ago my joint pain started and I have not been the same since. All the blood tests were normal so my Rheumotologist sent me backing. In Desember I had elevated anti CCP=145 and CRP=40 but was not positive for RF factor. I got a new Rheumotologist who said that probably I had inflammation in the joints allthough he couldnt feel It because I was so sore. He sent a new blood test to another lab. That bloodtest came negative for anti-CCP (I didnt get the value). I got an X-ray which showed no damage to the joints. My new Rheumo says he doesn't know if I have RA or not but he put me on planqinil. This uncertainty bothers me alot. I can't understand why those labs didn't get the same result. should I trust the former lab or not?
xperky responded:
I think I have read that anti-ccp can vary with disease activity. Our numbers can change during flareups, etc. Both numbers were very high. This disease treatment takes so much time and patience on our parts. I hope the plaquenil helps you feel better.

Keep asking questions! I would like to hear what others say about your test results too, since I'm just learning.

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