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RA and cramping
Kyarorin posted:
Do any of you with RA suffer with cramping at night? Every muscle in my legs and feet and also all around my rib cage. I'm only on Meloxicam and Prednisone (have been working my way down to a low level) now, but will start on Methotrexate next week. these cramps rob me of sleep - and last a long time. Now around my rib cage during the day. I had these before I was diagnosed and before starting the meds., so I know it's not just the meds. Anybody have any thoughts?
xperky responded:
It is possible you could benefit from some extra potassium and/or magnesium. I try to eat bananas every other day or so, for their potassium, and I supplement magnesium along with my vitD and Citracal. I get less foot and leg cramps since the bananas and magnesium. I hope these simple changes might help you too.

I get the rib cage cramps too. It's pretty painful! Sorry we share that.

Good luck starting mtx. It's good to hear you are starting a DMARD for protection from the damage this disease causes.
KariannsRACuresx3 replied to xperky's response:
Hi Kyarorin, Magnesium has helped me a great deal. Several theories I've researched online is that the parasites that are responsible for RA consume the much needed Magnesium. It plays such an important role in so many of our cellular functions. Before I had RA conqured, I used to feel numbness & tingling come on about every three hours. For me that meant I would take about 125 mg Mg oxide q 3 hrs. Now that the RA is pretty much gone, I need it far less, but make sure to take it about regularly. Hope that helps! Blessings! Kariann
Kyarorin replied to KariannsRACuresx3's response:
Ya, I'm taking magnesium - maybe 200mg at a time isn't enough. I've recently had cramping across my abdomen and under my jawbone. Dr. ordered more tests - waiting. Thanks for your comments. Kayrorin

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