Haysed posted:
I first went to the Dr because of joint pain in both hands. It was pretty bad. Had blood tests done and began medication for RA. After seeing a rheumatologist was told I didn't have RA and that it could be Lupus. Now on my third visit I am back to having RA. Could someone please tell me how this could be? I have researched both diseases and have multiple symptoms for both. Currently on medication that could give me symptoms so am very confused.
xperky responded:
Hi Haysed. Some people actually have both diseases! Sometimes the treatments are the same if you're lucky. It can take a while, and lots of testing, to figure this stuff out. You must feel lousy right now, wrestling with all those symptoms. Best wishes.
LadyNerilka responded:
I would suggest researching different medications that can be used to treat both diseases and talking with your doc about your options. If a med you are on concerns you let your doc know. Ask him why that is the med for you. Learn as much as you can and ask lots of questions.