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Tmkowal posted:
Here is my story. In December 2012 I had ACL surgery on my left knee. Recovery was great. However 2-3 weeks into my physical my right foot started swelling and my hands became painful, numb and tingling. After a week or so, I could no longer make a fist. My ortho doc stated that it was something systemic and referred me to my primary. She thought it was carpal tunnell due to my hypothyroid, even though my levels were just a little low. After upping my medication without relief, she stated that I had carpal tunnel and referred me to a neurologist and also even though my rf factor was negative to see a rheumotologist. The neurologist gave me a nerve conduction study and stated that I had carpal tunnel and needed surgery right away. When I asked about the inflammation in my hands, feet (feet are now swollen like sausages 24/7 - several bumps on my hands) he told me that didn't matter, still need surgery. In the meantime I was seeing the Rheumatologist who tested me and everything came back negative. Put me on gabapentin for the numbness in the hands, prescription for splints (which were a god send for the pain) sent me for hand x rays. All tests were negative, xrays were fine, but since I was still complaining of pain, put me on a NSaid, Nambumetone. The splints were the best in relieving the hand pain, the nambumetone helped a little allowing me to finally close my left hand, but far from pain free. Went to see a hand surgeon who stated that i needed surgery but will not operate until the inflammation in my hands has been treated - he also took xrays and noticed a cyst and some calcification on my left wrist. Went back to my RA doc who previously had stated that we might try an RA drug just to be sure, but when I went back stated that no he doesn't want to do that yet and felt that the Nambumetone was helping, prescribed a higher dose and a six day dose of prednisone (not to take together, the prednisone first then after the 6 days back on the Nambumetone). Well, I wasn't convinced, but figured I would try. The Prednisone was like a miracle after the first day almost all of the pain went away, by the second day I was pain free and all of the numbness was gone!!! Life was beautiful again, I couldn't stop smiling. Which brings me to today, I finished my last dose of the prednisone on Wednesday. Woke up at 2:30am with incredible knee pain, hands are numb, beginning to swell, feet are already swelling, but now added to the mix is hip and shoulder pain!! Can anyone help??? I will be contacting the doctor in the morning! But is this RA?? If not any ideas????

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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