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Question on Aches vs Pain
michel708 posted:
Hi everyone. I have been diagnosed with RA for a year now and take Methotrexate and folic acid which usually keeps the pain at bay. Occasionally I have a flare and have to go on Prednisone. Two weeks ago I did just that-for no reason it just started to hurt in my shoulders that I couldnt even move my body a quarter of an inch without screaming. That is what I call RA Pain. But a few days ago when I was almost weaned off the pred I experienced a constant ache in my arms. from shoulder to fingers-both arms- maybe even a bit in the legs not sure ...... But its not the same Pain I get with the RA. Even just sitting and not moving they just ache. Almost the same kind of feeling i had when I had Mono years ago. I have Chronic Mono or Chronic EB Virus that I take B12 shots for each week. My doc upped the pred again but it isnt making a difference so far. I always thought the RA was the painful episodes. Can it also be these aching episodes as well? I also have cervical spondylosis and a meningioma in the foramen magnum area but I dont think it is that even though my mind goes oh oh the tumor grew. I really dont think that- i was told i would feel something really different like dropping things no strength in dragging foot etc. Right now I'm thinking RA; use of prednisone and weaning down, Chronic EB virus (Mono); ???Any help?
xperky responded:
Hi michel. I complained to my rheumy about muscle aches and he says it could be my RA. It seems some days my arms and/or legs ache. In your case it could be any or all of those things you mentioned! I know it was painful when I weaned off prednisone. Chronic EB virus must be hard to deal with too. You have your hands full. I wish I could help you.

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