is it possible to loose weight on prednisone
bettyboop71 posted:
anyone who has taken prednisone is it possible to loose weight on high doses of prednisone? I am trying to loose weight trying to exercise but my scale goes up not down. I have reduced my calorie intake & started doing low impact exercise (swimming) my RA joints will not tolerate many other types of exercises. I terribly want and need to loose the lbs but the weight is not cooperating. in a month I will start methotrexate along w the cocktail that I am currently taking of tart cherry capsules, turmeric, prednisone, plaquenil, volterin, saffron, vit d, vit c, vit b12.
bpgobrail responded:
Yes, but it is difficult! I have lost 12 pounds and am on 8 mg of Prednisone a day. I also take MTX and Naprosyn, Prilosec and Remicade. The secret is to not focus upon eating, just take the correct food. Quality not quantity!