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white blood cell count
bleeski posted:
I have rheumatoid disease. Am on meds which lower my immunity. My question is how low does the doctor allow your white cell count to go before worrying? Normal range is around 4-10. I have blood tests every two months. Thanks.
cheymann responded:

I cannot answer your question on white cell count but, I know my doctor takes my blood every month because my red blood cell count went from 344 to 129 while taking Methotrexate. This condition is called thrombocytopenia. He immediately took me off the Methotrexate.....gave my body 3 months without any RA drugs and then put me on the Arava. So far so good. I have had many tests done on all of my immunoglobulins and it was discovered they are very high which is what you want. Hope someone else can answer your question
singingbear responded:
I don't know about your doctor. My WBC was in the 3s for nearly a year. They continued to do blood test every two months. They also did a stool test and iron test to rule out internal bleeding and iron deficiency. Both test showed good results. Beyond that they just kept an eye on the test and it eventually went back up.

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