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Methotrexate Side Effects
ScottieOwner2 posted:
I started my first self injection dose of Methotrexate Friday for Chronic Uveitis. I am wondering if anyone else experienced what I have on their initial dose. I endured a three day headache that felt like my head was in a vice, bouts of nausea but no vomiting, chills with a fever that ran from 100.4 to 101.4. My body from my waist down felt like I had been hit by a Mac truck, every body ached. I will be calling my doctor tomorrow just let her know.

I'm on Folic acid and also my Vitamin D was extremely low so I'm on 2,000 IU daily along with twice weekly mega doses of 50,000 IU for eight weeks and then once a week for four weeks.

I was very worried tonight when the fever spiked and I felt like I could die I was so miserable. Has or did anyone else experience anything like this?
cheymann responded:
I am curious what your doctor had to say. The symptoms you described are the same symptoms I had when I took a
sulfa antibiotics. It was determined I had what they use to call drug fever 30 years ago. I ran a low grade temperature of 100 and I ached all over. I felt like I had the flu. I can no longer take any kind of sulfa drugs because my body although not extremely sensitive. Don't know if this helps you at all.
ScottieOwner2 replied to cheymann's response:
It wasn't the Methotrexate after all. I had a bad urinary tract infection that I didn't know I had. The doctor put me on Ciprofloxin and now he thinks I'm having a reaction to that so it's back to him this morning. I have developed a rash over 1/3 of my back and over my buttocks. It doesn't itch but is sore instead. I started an antihistamine yesterday and I think it's a bit better today. I have run the course of being ill from this mess and am ready to be well.

I appreciate your input - I guess no more Ciprofloxin for me. Not sure if that's a sulfur antiibiotic or not but my problem was UTI except the rash.

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